You stopped loving me

A vessel carried you away from me into her waters

I nearly drowned myself in thoughts….

That journey you took to an unknown land

And unknown body…

Was desire driving you to commit what anyone could’ve predicted… except I.

You stopped loving meĀ 

The way you looked at me

Admiration, seduction, care

your eyes no longer light up, dull moments

Is it sympathy, fear, or the truth of having destroyed the possibility of a good thing

You stopped loving me…

When you kissed her lips, entered her garden of lush exotic lands…

And left me in the darkness of your mind.

and in an event…

The stars gleamed profusely through her eyes

it was like a supernova being reborn again

innocence turning into a blossomed tree

the way she smiled, she looked so free

soul ignites with fire, passion burning through the doubts, through the mouths

she looks down, swaying her hips, conveying my truths into her religion of… bliss


Random Fragments

‘I love feeling as if I’m the only thing on your mind’

‘I long to think when nirvana will finally signify us… climax’

‘Tell me you can’t live without me, that you own the air I breathe, then choke me.’

‘A few more sighs, turned into moans.’

‘You’re everything I long for and more.’

‘I wonder if love and being forbidden from obtaining it feel the same way’