You stopped loving me

A vessel carried you away from me into her waters

I nearly drowned myself in thoughts….

That journey you took to an unknown land

And unknown body…

Was desire driving you to commit what anyone could’ve predicted… except I.

You stopped loving me 

The way you looked at me

Admiration, seduction, care

your eyes no longer light up, dull moments

Is it sympathy, fear, or the truth of having destroyed the possibility of a good thing

You stopped loving me…

When you kissed her lips, entered her garden of lush exotic lands…

And left me in the darkness of your mind.

and in an event…

The stars gleamed profusely through her eyes

it was like a supernova being reborn again

innocence turning into a blossomed tree

the way she smiled, she looked so free

soul ignites with fire, passion burning through the doubts, through the mouths

she looks down, swaying her hips, conveying my truths into her religion of… bliss


Persian Carpets

I guess I didn’t want to wait around to decide

I was the reason you had me on your mind,

now you’re off on tour

A waiting game, a chasing charade

waking up Paris with flowers in my hair

Persian carpets in the air…

Bringing up everything you knew about us, but it just seems so distant..

You just keep being so persistent

The stars don’t shine in your eyes the way they used to

My galaxy doesn’t reflect in your guitar

My love can’t you believe this is the end?

Sing me another melody

persuade another lady

I know you’ve said this a million times, but baby your tune isn’t changing.



24 hours in one day,

365 days in one year,

time is the essence,

or so i was told,

the calculation of death

or live a life essentially full of basic necessities,

aspire, create, do, live, breathe…

what is it i’m trying to achieve?

why retire when you can live, why live on 24 hours when you can break dawn

why go to sleep, when you can stay up and see the sun rise…

separation of dark and light

separation of mind over matter

what is light and what is dark

if a mind is constantly complex on it’s internal clock.

24. 24. 24.

why must you be the extreme limit of time?


I was induced by your love

Seduced by Poison, conquered my defeat

Questioning why I wasn’t being chosen

I realized your lies so often

No consideration

The hurt obtained

Left behind so much pain

How could you be so vain?

Said that you loved me but it was never self proclaimed

Respect and faithfulness went hand in hand

So who was that lady who left her earrings on your night stand?


Didn’t call last night,

didn’t seem like it was worth the try

I’ve tried to convince myself a thousand times

that’s it should be you who’s on my mind

burying my shame with endless days

work and books

trying to pave my way

that will let me see the day

where I can finally feel the same

the truth is, i needed someone before you


events occur and reactions follow

when he left i felt so hollow

lessons learned and held my head high

defeat is only a loss when you’ve let it subside

reality is, I needed that love to survive, in order to live

my drug to my addiction

and yet, here i am… unable to want that love you give.

Transparent, transparent… There’s no Pretending.

slowly ripping at the seams
kissing the face of doubt
fears revealing itself so clearly

restless nights
blanket of waves
oceans of disappointment
these thoughts are just so pointless
tossing and turning
scattered dreams
slowly ripping at the seams
kissing the face of doubt
fears revealing itself so clearly
fate becomes blurred
a distant postcard
old friend…
transparent, transparent, there’s no pretending.


Rotation… Rotation

Moments will move
seeking endless wonders
warmth to be found
Excavating the truth
an empty bed beckons the ever changing moon
fulfilling these voids with memories of you
eternally dreaming
futuristic pretense
catching up to time lost
speeding up the past
creating time travel
who’d knew we’d be engineers of romance…
rotating sides, rotating words
in a one dimensional world
figuring out the differences
the rarest formula couldn’t fix this
science couldn’t keep us alive
We just lost our chance, we missed it.

Title: My lover New York

a stroll around midtown
a stroll around midtown

Someone once told me If you can make it New York you can make it anywhere

I made that my mantra Recited it as I lived in a city complete opposite

New York, New York Make me yours…

Won’t you adopt me and take me home?

Allow me to live in your concrete jungle

Bathe in your rivers

Fall in your gravel

Fly over your skyscrapers

New York, New York Please make me yours

 Take me shopping on park avenue

Play me that sweet music of your subways

Let me taste your air

Let me breathe your innocence

Let me thrive in the pressure

Make me your diamond in the rough

* You succumbed me into your body With that naughty smile,

** New York… Tell me your secrets

We’ll be distant lovers

Get married in the Empire State Building on Christmas

I’ll write to you like Pen pal friends…

I’ll email you everyday

But promise… You’ll take me away

I long to feel what’s inside you