one day, perhaps.

A long time ago, there was a river

where the purest love flowed into the streams, abundant, overflowing with pride in its own vivacious waters

love trickled down rocks, moss, greenery, and into people…

people who lived in society and felt that money was more important than water, this water of love

how funny to think, an essential necessity for life wasn’t as important as something you can live without

the more society built, the less this water was found, ‘the drought’ they called it…

but we all knew… those who could keep the elixir of hope, would one day bring it back.


You stopped loving me

A vessel carried you away from me into her waters

I nearly drowned myself in thoughts….

That journey you took to an unknown land

And unknown body…

Was desire driving you to commit what anyone could’ve predicted… except I.

You stopped loving meĀ 

The way you looked at me

Admiration, seduction, care

your eyes no longer light up, dull moments

Is it sympathy, fear, or the truth of having destroyed the possibility of a good thing

You stopped loving me…

When you kissed her lips, entered her garden of lush exotic lands…

And left me in the darkness of your mind.