ever changing.

We continue
As if we were spring
Opening from our cocoons
Withering the old
exploring the new
The process of growing, quietly, unbeknownst to others
What may come, it seems to naturally unfold
Have a little faith, take a little leap
What is truly yours, is yours to keep.

sweet crevice, love bites.

you engulf every being of me

seducing my soul into the unknown

carving out my body within your hands

finding the crevices of my hidden love

where sweet nectar and bites of love exist

you’ve found a niche inside of me

my beating vessel forever carrying your scent and secret stares

echoes of your sweet sighs and deep thoughts

silence has spoken your most intimate desire… me.

one day, perhaps.

A long time ago, there was a river

where the purest love flowed into the streams, abundant, overflowing with pride in its own vivacious waters

love trickled down rocks, moss, greenery, and into people…

people who lived in society and felt that money was more important than water, this water of love

how funny to think, an essential necessity for life wasn’t as important as something you can live without

the more society built, the less this water was found, ‘the drought’ they called it…

but we all knew… those who could keep the elixir of hope, would one day bring it back.


You stopped loving me

A vessel carried you away from me into her waters

I nearly drowned myself in thoughts….

That journey you took to an unknown land

And unknown body…

Was desire driving you to commit what anyone could’ve predicted… except I.

You stopped loving me 

The way you looked at me

Admiration, seduction, care

your eyes no longer light up, dull moments

Is it sympathy, fear, or the truth of having destroyed the possibility of a good thing

You stopped loving me…

When you kissed her lips, entered her garden of lush exotic lands…

And left me in the darkness of your mind.

When a heart breaks, it never breaks even.

This blog post won’t be a poem, it won’t be an ode to a feeling once felt so long ago, it will be a familiar notion. A few days ago, I read an article where someone ended their relationship with their significant other, however he said it was ‘amicable and they are functioning better than ever.’ This just seemed to be great at first sight, however as I walked, grabbed my latte and croissant, I began to think… is it really great and is it ever amicable when long relationships are over? When are we fully happy that we ended a life with someone, and if that was the case, when did one of us, fall out of love? I personally have forgotten the feeling of heartbreak,  but in this case it isn’t fair to say, we are great, because the truth is when a heart breaks, it never breaks even.

and in an event…

The stars gleamed profusely through her eyes

it was like a supernova being reborn again

innocence turning into a blossomed tree

the way she smiled, she looked so free

soul ignites with fire, passion burning through the doubts, through the mouths

she looks down, swaying her hips, conveying my truths into her religion of… bliss


Random Fragments

‘I love feeling as if I’m the only thing on your mind’

‘I long to think when nirvana will finally signify us… climax’

‘Tell me you can’t live without me, that you own the air I breathe, then choke me.’

‘A few more sighs, turned into moans.’

‘You’re everything I long for and more.’

‘I wonder if love and being forbidden from obtaining it feel the same way’


Persian Carpets

I guess I didn’t want to wait around to decide

I was the reason you had me on your mind,

now you’re off on tour

A waiting game, a chasing charade

waking up Paris with flowers in my hair

Persian carpets in the air…

Bringing up everything you knew about us, but it just seems so distant..

You just keep being so persistent

The stars don’t shine in your eyes the way they used to

My galaxy doesn’t reflect in your guitar

My love can’t you believe this is the end?

Sing me another melody

persuade another lady

I know you’ve said this a million times, but baby your tune isn’t changing.



24 hours in one day,

365 days in one year,

time is the essence,

or so i was told,

the calculation of death

or live a life essentially full of basic necessities,

aspire, create, do, live, breathe…

what is it i’m trying to achieve?

why retire when you can live, why live on 24 hours when you can break dawn

why go to sleep, when you can stay up and see the sun rise…

separation of dark and light

separation of mind over matter

what is light and what is dark

if a mind is constantly complex on it’s internal clock.

24. 24. 24.

why must you be the extreme limit of time?