When a heart breaks, it never breaks even.

This blog post won’t be a poem, it won’t be an ode to a feeling once felt so long ago, it will be a familiar notion. A few days ago, I read an article where someone ended their relationship with their significant other, however he said it was ‘amicable and they are functioning better than ever.’ This just seemed to be great at first sight, however as I walked, grabbed my latte and croissant, I began to think… is it really great and is it ever amicable when long relationships are over? When are we fully happy that we ended a life with someone, and if that was the case, when did one of us, fall out of love? I personally have forgotten the feeling of heartbreak,  but in this case it isn’t fair to say, we are great, because the truth is when a heart breaks, it never breaks even.

Author: Loren

Somewhere between I want it and I got it.

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