I was induced by your love

Seduced by Poison, conquered my defeat

Questioning why I wasn’t being chosen

I realized your lies so often

No consideration

The hurt obtained

Left behind so much pain

How could you be so vain?

Said that you loved me but it was never self proclaimed

Respect and faithfulness went hand in hand

So who was that lady who left her earrings on your night stand?


Didn’t call last night,

didn’t seem like it was worth the try

I’ve tried to convince myself a thousand times

that’s it should be you who’s on my mind

burying my shame with endless days

work and books

trying to pave my way

that will let me see the day

where I can finally feel the same

the truth is, i needed someone before you


events occur and reactions follow

when he left i felt so hollow

lessons learned and held my head high

defeat is only a loss when you’ve let it subside

reality is, I needed that love to survive, in order to live

my drug to my addiction

and yet, here i am… unable to want that love you give.

Ode to heartbreak

oh how long those days seemed,

like the color of turmeric,

an amber flared sun, waiting to fall

ready for it’s demise, defeat and unfortunate glory

awaiting the moon to rise

pillows wet with tears of yesterday

when it was us every day

fought through winds and storms

the currents swaying us different ways

the stars couldn’t guide us

how were we so wrong?

The night became my savior

peaking through the depths of the unsaid

the darkness embracing my solace

traversing every crack of my heart

the unknown place…

it no longer beat the same

it was broken in every way.