Lost Angels.. Los Angeles

Los Angeles the city of angels…
if only angels could fly…
maybe the city wouldn’t feel so lost
Los Angels, Los Angeles perdidos
many of them have lost their way…
to find a path that can only lead two ways…
while the media portrays propaganda of golden movie stars…
luxury a poor man can only dream of…
the angels can only portray reality, as they crawl in the beaten down streets
history of riots, protests against injustices and most of all poverty nourishing those hungry souls
los angeles se han caido, the angels have fallen, they crawl to get back up
authorities segregate area to area
keeping those away from the beautiful picture, smile!
south central a haven for the devil, full of fallen angels
the lullabies composed by sirens, helicopters and gunshots…
the hood is filled with the gangsters, prostitutes and children who are taught to fear the police and find a future in the streets…
BOOM! your child is dead, its just the cycle…
bury it up and carry a bible,
preach your word of sanity and savior
the fallen angels, can’t crawl anymore
OH! the false hope Los Angeles Gives, the downtown flow with skid ROW
the minority marches with no patriarch, no goverment nor support-
fighting these labels, fighting these fables.
The city isn’t so bright, its not so golden….
lost angeles, the lost angels.

Author: Loren

Somewhere between I want it and I got it.

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