maybe i forgot how it feels

a heart beating completely intertwined with yours


maybe i forgot that i can describe

what i chose not to admit

when we’re alone

our breath heavy with anxiety

heating up the room

as i see you face to face

the light beams perfectly on your lips and smile


maybe i forgot that i can’t speak

when you talk

when you wondrously stare at me

with those deep, pensive, brown eyes

I’ve already lost…

my train of thoughts has departed

left me wondering when will it come back

all that remains is this heart

this love

this affection the never ceases to fulfill itself with questions and doubts…


you’ve become too precious for me to continue

too beautiful to touch

to exquisite to have

yet in the darkest night

in the silent hour of day

in the woods that i roam in my sleepless nights

cradled in my bed

embedded daily

a quick reminder….

isolation is my constant solace

my only remedy

my only cure

and like a mirror,

i shatter my emotions, cry my pain and realize that it’s you…i’m willing to break my own heart for.


Author: Loren

Somewhere between I want it and I got it.

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