Deja verte Desnudare completa Quiero ver las curvas que el sol brilla y te llena de tiernura Quiero besar tu rostro en cual veo el universo y me lleva hasta lo más infinito En dónde yo me pierdo en tu mirada y me controla los sentimientos Carecíando tus palabras y todo el encanto que lleva tus labios Saciar mi sed Llévame  Toca mi mano  Y respira profundo Se qué tengo tu corazón en mi mundo

& like a heart attack… i know i can’t turn back.

still I can’t get out
She’s all I think about
Can’t let her go
It’s who you know

We came down to watch the world walk by
And all she found was trouble in my eyes
From the sky she pulled me down tonight
Let her go

She moves fast, takes control
And like a heart attack, I know I can’t turn back

Rough Landing Holly- Yellowcard 


maybe i forgot how it feels

a heart beating completely intertwined with yours


maybe i forgot that i can describe

what i chose not to admit

when we’re alone

our breath heavy with anxiety

heating up the room

as i see you face to face

the light beams perfectly on your lips and smile


maybe i forgot that i can’t speak

when you talk

when you wondrously stare at me

with those deep, pensive, brown eyes

I’ve already lost…

my train of thoughts has departed

left me wondering when will it come back

all that remains is this heart

this love

this affection the never ceases to fulfill itself with questions and doubts…


you’ve become too precious for me to continue

too beautiful to touch

to exquisite to have

yet in the darkest night

in the silent hour of day

in the woods that i roam in my sleepless nights

cradled in my bed

embedded daily

a quick reminder….

isolation is my constant solace

my only remedy

my only cure

and like a mirror,

i shatter my emotions, cry my pain and realize that it’s you…i’m willing to break my own heart for.


an awkward tyranny of emotional distress and a hidden abyss of endless transitions…

transitions are endless

one cannot stop time from ticking

who knew that my heart would be in paris

despair in transatlanticism* 

vivid dreams accompanied by  such a state of desire

the need of physical intimacy,

the burden of melancholy and hope

 in ultimate disappointment, it lies…

intertwined between the truth and the lies,

the thin line that separates the wants and the haves 

roaming endlessly inside an empty abyss

an overcome, a rule, an oppression … must they become suppressed emotions 

letters pouring out of your mind

‘i’m leaving to martinique, ma vénérer awaits for me’

making a small joke, trying to ease the cold, lifeless, tragic death…

this long distance love affair has been put to an end.



Title: My lover New York

a stroll around midtown
a stroll around midtown

Someone once told me If you can make it New York you can make it anywhere

I made that my mantra Recited it as I lived in a city complete opposite

New York, New York Make me yours…

Won’t you adopt me and take me home?

Allow me to live in your concrete jungle

Bathe in your rivers

Fall in your gravel

Fly over your skyscrapers

New York, New York Please make me yours

 Take me shopping on park avenue

Play me that sweet music of your subways

Let me taste your air

Let me breathe your innocence

Let me thrive in the pressure

Make me your diamond in the rough

* You succumbed me into your body With that naughty smile,

** New York… Tell me your secrets

We’ll be distant lovers

Get married in the Empire State Building on Christmas

I’ll write to you like Pen pal friends…

I’ll email you everyday

But promise… You’ll take me away

I long to feel what’s inside you